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The hedge from hell

My arms are all scratched up, I’ve pulled two thorns out from under my fingernails and my muscles ache like I’ve just pulled a truck through treacle.

Why so?

Well, when Barry at Bar Hill Church heard I had some free time, he wondered whether I could cut the hedge that runs alongside the east of the building.

About an hour into it I too was wondering whether I could. I was cursing whoever had decided to plant a Hawthorn hedge. The thorns were sometimes about 5cm long and the branches we had to cut through were really tough. Church members said it hadn’t been done in over a decade.

While I was cutting it, I found a dead bird and no less than four birds’ nests.

One of them, unfortunately, still had two beautifully tinted eggs in it. Not sure if they were still alive or not when I cut around the nest. That was the only nest I left in by the way.

Laughably, we thought we could get it done in a day. Halfway through the first day, we were done, not the hedge.

Well, we finally finished it a few days ago after about a day and a half of heaving labour. Well worth it though. Now people passing by will be able to see more clearly how much the building resembles the fire station.

By the way, we got married in this very building 5378 days ago, and if you want to see our wedding pics, you can here.