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We stayed in Japan...
Welcome to our Japan site. We were in Japan from March 1998 until February 2004. In fact, johnandsheena.co.uk was born in Japan!


Japan Tour 2003 Japan Tour 2003
Before we left Japan, we made a 12-day epic car journey south. Come on the trip through our Japan Tour pages.

Sheena planting rice Rice Planting
Sheena made history in a local town when she became the first foreigner ever to join in the annual planting of rice. See exactly how it was done through our photos.

Fat man Fat men!
Sheena went to see fat men hugging each other. Come and enjoy the spectacle!

Aoi Students
See some of the hundreds of students we taught in Japan.

Visit our Updates Archive Updates Archive
Relive our experiences in Japan through our archive of the regular updates we would send. See what we first thought of Japan when we first arrived!