Videos of Life in Korea

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Gyeongju Anniversary Trip: Part I   Oct 04 / 3m 45s L S

Oct 2004 saw out 10th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we visited Gyeongju, the ancient capital of Korea for a scenic few days. This first video shows us taking the KTX from Seoul station - Korea's new high-speed train, Gyeongju station, our hotel, a huge Korean meal and a rather special cappucino. Music courtesy of the Hollies - The Air That I Breathe.
Gyeongju Anniversary Trip: Part II   Oct 04 / 3m 38s L S

Shania Twain's You're Still The One seemed appropriate for the day we mountain biked 20km around the major sites of the city visiting the famous 12th century mound tombs of Korean kings and queens. You'll also see a typical sight in Gyeongju at this time of year - people laying rice out to dry on the pavements. Watch out for the trip down memory lane in the middle of this one!
Gyeongju Anniversary Trip: Part III   Oct 04 / 3m 12s L S

The final video features Eva Cassidy's Anniversary Song and shows us taking a walk off the beaten track in the farming communities surrounding the city. It also shows us enjoying a free lunch we were invited to at a temple, the bakery where the famous souvenir snacks are made and us finally heading home.

Old Videos of Life in Korea

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Seoul Night   Feb 04 / 1m 25s Hi Mid Lo
2.2Mb 0.8Mb 0.4Mb

Watch Seoul from sunset to sunrise from the room of our hotel. The building with the red flashing light on top is where John works. Can you spot the moon setting behind it?

Using our timelapse setting on our video camera we shot this from 5pm until 7am the next day. Each minute the camera took a second of video. Finally, we speeded the whole thing up with video editing software.

A Lot of Seorak   Jun 04 / 4m 38s Hi Mid Lo
7.5Mb 2.8Mb 1.2Mb

With a guy called Andrew, John spent a day trecking 21.5km through the rain seeing some of Korea's most spectacular scenery.

Seorak is a huge national park about three hours' drive from Seoul.

John & Sally's Birthday Party   May 04 / 3m 41s Hi

John shares his birthday with another teacher, Sally, so we decided to book the embassy pool for an afternoon barbie. See the pictures too.